Terms of Use

Villikoodi Oy conversational bots store all user conversations, images and other files uploaded to the bot. Bots also store user id and any profile information available to the bot. This information may be combined with other publicly or privately available datasources, and  the information may also be made available to third parties. In this case, we remove all personally identifiable information from the data made available.

You must accept these Terms of Use before using the bot. If the terms change, bot asks you review and accept the updated terms.

Last update: 29.12.2018

Frequently asked

How Villikoodi uses the data collected?

The data collected from bots is mainly used to implement bot “memory” and improve the bot’s features and artificial intelligence. For example, bot may remember the earlier conversations with the user, congratulate the user on his/her’s birthday, greet the user by name, send notifications to the user etc. Features like the previous require the bot to store the conversation history and some information about the user.

We do reserve the right to use the data collected commercially, and to combine the data from other public and private data sources. We respect your privacy, and never include your personally identifiable information to data delivered to third parties (unless required by Finnish law). The data delivered is anonymized before delivery, which means we remove any user id, name, social security number or any other personally identifiable information.

We hope that all this sounds fair to you: Using the bot is free (sometimes even useful or fun!), and in return we get an opportunity to develop our own products and services.

“Bot stores all available user profile information”? What is this information?

Bot collects and stores all information that it has available about the user. The content of this data depends on the channel that bot is used on.

As an example, bots can be embedded and used on web pages, or you can add a bot as your Skype contact. You can chat with the bot on Facebook Messenger or on Microsoft Teams. Each of these channels make some information available for the bot, and the information that the bot channel provides varies by channel used. If you use bot on a channel that requires user login (like Skype, FB Messenger, Teams), the bot will automatically get in minimum the user id and user name.

Can I use bots anonymously?

If you want to use bot completely anonymously, use only bots that are embedded on a website that does not require (or ask) for user login. Bot will still record every conversation, but the bot doesn’t know who it is talking with (and hence: can’t greet you by name, won’t remember previous conversations with you… bot features are more limited).

When having conversation with bots, avoid typing in any personally identifiable information. Don’t put in your userid, real name, social security number or anything else that can be used to identify you. The information bot gathers automatically from channel is easy to erase if needed, but erasing personally identifiable information you yourself typed in during bot conversation can never be fully guaranteed.

What if I want to know what’s stored about me, update my information or get completely forgotten?

If you have used only bots embedded on a web page that did not ask for you to log in, there is no information stored about you. The bot has only  recorded anonymous conversations that can’t be connected to you personally in any way.

In other cases, please contact us. The contact information can be found below.

Contact information

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